Workshops & Events

Quarterly Workshops for Angulimala’s Buddhist Prison Chaplains:

The date of the remaining Workshop this year is November 25th.

The Workshop day commences with meditation at 10am and is expected to run until approximately 5pm.

These Workshops are for Buddhist prison chaplains for whom their purpose is to provide mentoring and ongoing supervision and peer support. Attendance otherwise is by invitation to Angulimala members only.

New chaplains, so that we can get to know you and help you settle in, are required for the first three years to attend at least two workshops in each calendar year. After that for everyone it’s at least one per calendar year but really the more you can come to and the more you contribute, the more you will benefit.

The workshops are important for several reasons that most will well understand. They offer support and friendship, they enable the sharing of information and good practice, they provide opportunities to offload concerns and difficulties, they are reminders of what Buddhist prison chaplains are supposed to be doing, they encourage and help chaplains to maintain and improve standards, and they keep the team together. And they’re often good fun.