ANGULIMALA, the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy

Thirty-seven years of making Buddhism available in British prisons.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR:  Ven. Ajahn Khemadhammo (Phra Bhavanaviteht) OBE


  • To make available facilities for the teaching and practice of Buddhism in Her Majesty’s Prisons and other places of lawful detention or custody.


  • To recruit and advise a team of Buddhist visiting chaplains to be available as soon as there is a call for their services;
  • To act in an advisory capacity, and to liaise with the Ministry of Justice chaplaincy officials, with individual chaplains within Her Majesty’s Prisons, and with any other relevant bodies or officials;
  • To provide an aftercare and advisory service for prisoners after release.

the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy
The Forest Hermitage,
Lower Fulbrook,
Warwickshire CV35 8AS
United Kingdom

Registered Charity No. 1174475

Scottish Charity Reg. No. SC051174