ANGULIMALA, the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy

Thirty-six years of making Buddhism available in British prisons.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR:  Ven. Ajahn Khemadhammo (Phra Bhavanaviteht) OBE


  • To make available facilities for the teaching and practice of Buddhism in Her Majesty’s Prisons and other places of lawful detention or custody.


  • To recruit and advise a team of Buddhist visiting chaplains to be available as soon as there is a call for their services;
  • To act in an advisory capacity, and to liaise with the Ministry of Justice chaplaincy officials, with individual chaplains within Her Majesty’s Prisons, and with any other relevant bodies or officials;
  • To provide an aftercare and advisory service for prisoners after release.

the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy
The Forest Hermitage,
Lower Fulbrook,
Warwickshire CV35 8AS
United Kingdom


Registered Charity No. 1174475