Buddhist Prison Chaplain – Job Description


To exercise a pastoral ministry to the whole establishment, and to ensure the availability of Buddhist Teaching and Practice.
To encourage the development of Morality, Meditation and Wisdom.
To be a kalyana mitta or ‘good friend’ to the registered Buddhists.
To make a Buddhist contribution to the life of the prison.


To the Spiritual Director of ANGULIMALA
For duties required by the Prison Act.


Approval by the Spiritual Director of ANGULIMALA.
Must be a committed Buddhist living by a moral standard of at least that of the Five Precepts and must be a regular meditator.
Must have a competent understanding of Buddhist Teaching and Practice.
Must have knowledge of Buddhist schools other than the one to which he or she belongs and be willing to help and encourage interest in and practice of those schools when required.


Pastoral care of inmates and staff, including those who are already Buddhists as well as those who are inquiring or just beginning to explore an interest in Buddhism.
Individual and group instruction in the theory and practice of Buddhism.
Guidance with reading matter and making available literature.
Prepare reports on Buddhist inmates, such as F75 reports and parole reports.
Membership of ANGULIMALA.
Attendance at at least two of ANGULIMALA’s quarterly training workshops each year for the first three years and then at least one a year thereafter.


As agreed with the prison and within ANGULIMALA.


Agreed objectives.
Reporting in at ANGULIMALA training workshops and to the Spiritual Director.