Angulimala in Scotland

Angulimala is registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)
Reg. No. SC051174


The work of Angulimala to make Buddhism available in prisons was extended to Scotland in 1999 with the setting up of Angulimala Scotland and, since then, its chaplains have been involved in many of these prisons including Barlinnie, Shotts, Edinburgh Saughton, Kilmarnock, Addiewell, Peterhead, Perth, Glenochil , Cornton Vale and the Dungavel Detention Centre.

There are some administrative differences in the way Angulimala Scotland operates as prisons in Scotland are the responsibility of the Scottish Prison Service whereas, in England and Wales, the relevant authority is HM Prison Service of England and Wales.

However, despite these differences, Angulimala Scotland is still very much part of Angulimala and shares the majority of its objectives, under the spiritual directorship of Ven. Ajahn Khemadhammo.

About Angulimala Scotland

The following links on the main website are generally equally relevant to Angulimala Scotland although any reference to HM Prison service or Home Office should be replaced by Scottish Prison Service and Scottish Parliament respectively. Any other differences are detailed below the link.

Angulimala’s objectives

Currently Angulimala Scotland is not involved in any aftercare or advisory service for prisoners after release.

Buddhist Prison Chaplain – Job Description

A Scottish chaplain is not required to attend the quarterly workshops at Warwick each year. Instead, he or she should attend the annual meeting of Angulimala Scotland which normally takes place in either Edinburgh or Glasgow and which is led by Ven. Ajahn Khemadhammo. However chaplains are very welcome to attend the occasional Warwick workshop, if possible, as it is always helpful to meet with a wider group of chaplains.

Another item mentioned under Responsibilities, preparing reports on Buddhist inmates, is not currently applicable to Scottish chaplains.

Introductory Note for Prospective Buddhist Prison Chaplains

The security clearance required for Scotland is a PVG membership (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) covering protected adults. This was introduced on 28th February 2011 to replace the previous Disclosure Scotland Enhanced Disclosure certificate.

New Buddhist Chaplains needed – How to Apply

As with England and Wales, some Scottish prisons are currently without a Buddhist chaplain.

To apply, please go to this page and complete the necessary forms.

If your application happened to be around the time of the annual meeting of Angulimala Scotland we would probably try to arrange for you to come along to that meeting, which would give you the opportunity to speak directly to Ven. Ajahn Khemadhammo about your application.